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How I went from

Entertaining 10,000 people

to producing

Ear Candy to pump up

your Holiday Life!

Gabby with pink glitter

Podcasting in a Pandemic

I never knew I was going to be a podcaster. I love the thrill of being in front of people! I like being able to make people smile! But when the pandemic hit, and for a while everyday was not a holiday (lol), I was introduced to a new way of entertaining crowds. And, I found a new reason to smile!

This is my Journey

Baby #1 Born 2013

This was my first experience with radio broadcasting! I was Jetta Black on the radio giving listeners daily updates on news across the nation! I loved being on the radio! I never would’ve thought that I would be doing radio again through podcasting back when I was 18 years old!

OKC Redhawks 2012

This was my first experience entertaining crowds of 10,000 people! Yikes! The OKC Redhawks will always be a part of my most cherished memories because this was my first experience speaking “live” in front of so many people! I am so proud of the accomplishment working with the ballpark gave me, and the confidence I’m able to draw on from working there. This is also, when I was getting ready to have my first baby!

Baby #1 Born 2013

My oldest son was born in 2013! This is when I stopped working baseball and became a “full-time” mommy. I loved my baby, but honestly missed entertaining crowds!

OKC Dodgers 2014

Now that my son is a year old, I’m able to begin working again! The ballpark is definitely my go to for entertainment hosting! But, as this season ends, a new one begins again! I find out my husband and I are expecting our second child!

Baby #2 Born 2015

My second son was born in 2015! He was definitely a bundle of emotions, and needs all of my attention along with my first born, so working is definitely not an option for me right now.

OKC Dodgers 2014

I will always hold the baseball field dear in my heart, but this was definitely my breaking point with being able to work. Now, with 2 children under 3 years old, it becomes apparent between trying to work a job that requires a 100% commitment and scheduling babysitters, I am headed toward disaster. This is my last season with the baseball field. As a way to find another sport that was less demanding, I begin working with the UCO Bronchos as their basketball emcee.

UCOBronchos (2017)

When you have 2 kids it’s a bit difficult to commit to a larger organization like the Dodgers, but I was determined to try anyway!

I began scheduling with the Dodgers organization only to find out, again, that I am pregnant with my third child! (lol) So, I scaled back my commitment to AAA baseball and switched to collegiate basketball. It was fun being able to connect with young people while doing live emceeing again!

Baby #3Born (2017)

My little girl arrived on the scene! And, let me tell you this, I absolutely LOVE having my little boys, but I am so grateful God gave me the opportunity to have a little girl. My little family is complete!

UCO Bronchos (2019-2020)

I return for one more season with the Bronchos, but when the coronavirus pandemic hits, all of my public emceeing is officially halted.

Podcasting Begins! (2020)

I decided to launch a podcast in a pandemic! Lol Honestly, this year has been absolutely crazy (which is 100% an understatement), but after missing entertainment on a large scale for a number of years, I am really grateful to have the opportunity to have a “voice” again. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE interacting with people, and although this is virtual, I am still grateful for the chance to impact change. I believe that we need more opportunities to smile in our lives and absolutely believe that living everyday A HOLIDAY LIFE instead of waiting for certain times of the year can bring us all a little more joy in these pandemic times.

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