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Everyday is a new opportunity to celebrate! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to live A Holiday Life! Become a Holiday Lifer!

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Join me as I learn about the holidays and together we can make everyday A HOLIDAY LIFE!
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There’s so much more to life than working, paying bills, and the mundane routine. Throw a little spice in your life by finding a reason to smile everyday! The podcast is filled with tons of conversation-starting information and gives you some new ideas for things you can do with your loved ones everyday. Life can be fun when you’re given new ways to live. Come celebrate with me and start living A HOLIDAY LIFE!

What’s Included?

Exclusive Trivia

Become a member and get extra holiday podcast episodes bursting with fun holiday trivia! Each episode contains 5 trivia questions sure to capture your curiosity! Let me get you on the path to becoming a PROFESSIONAL HOLIDAY LIFER! 

Live Interviews

Watch exclusive interviews with expert holiday business owners! These are the people who live the daily holiday EVERYDAY! Tune in as I ask questions and get a better understanding of what makes each holiday special for these movers and shakers!

Activity Calendar

Become a member and get access to my  monthly activities calendar! Full of fun ideas on how to celebrate along with iconic movie suggestions, you’ll never have a dull moment again living A Holiday Life with your family and friends!

Make Every Day Epic!

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