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X-Ray Day Text With The Image of Superman Hero

Episode #022: X-Ray Day

Nov 8, 2020

Episode #022: X-Ray Day

Episode Summary:

What do dentists call their x-rays? -Tooth pics. ???? Hello holiday peeps, and welcome to episode 22 of The Happy Holiday Life! Today we will be going over a very peculiar holiday. Today is X-Ray Day! Yes, I know what a wacky holiday, but today we will be digging deep into the history of X-Rays, and we will even talk about the history of superheroes!


  • So whether used for medicine, for novelty toys, or just pure comic book enjoyment. X-Rays have influenced so much of our world, and that’s why we celebrate them today!” 
  • “Later, in the film ​Superman ​ , the title character reveals that his power allowed him to know the color of” a lady’s underwear. Talk about taking superpowers a bit too far, Superman!” 
  • “Early use of X-rays was widespread and unrestrained, even to the degree that during the 1930s and 1940s, shoe stores offered free X-rays so that customers could see the bones in their feet.”

Show Notes:


  •  An Accidental Discovery:​ In 1895, Wilhelm Roentgen discovered x-rays by discovering if cathode rays could pass through glass. So he covered a cathode tube in black paper, and to his shock, an incandescent green light projected on a nearby fluorescent screen! And since he did not know what the rays were called, he called them X-rays because X represents unknown, and then he added beams.
  • Experiments:​ The first test done was on Roentgen’s wife in 1895, and then six months later, in 1896, X-Rays were being used on the battlefield by the doctors to locate a bullet.
  • Roentgen’s Honor:​ He had changed the world of science and health in such drastic ways that he won the first Nobel Prize in physics in 1901. What is even more impressive is that he did not patent his discovery; instead, he shared it with the world and stayed modest.
    ● Fascination Over X-Rays:​ Everyone was so intrigued with X-Rays they created a product called “X-Ray Specs” to show you the bones in your hand and see-through clothes, so you see why they interested so many people lol! 
  • Superhero Comics Adapted:​ Since X-Rays were so famous and hot, of course, writers came up with superhero characters with X-Ray vision! The most popular superhero in America is a good example. That’s right, Superman, but did you know that the first superhero character with X-Ray vision was named Olga Mesmer, and she was an Alien. She used her powers on Earth to fight crime! 
  • Superman Couldn’t Go To The War​: Due to his X-Ray powers, Superman could not enlist in World War II because he accidentally used his X-Ray vision during an eye test and read the eye chart in the room over! 
  • X-Ray Limitation:​ In superhero comics, they have their limits; X-Ray vision does not work through anything with lead! Isn’t that an exciting thing to think about and wonder why! 
  • Activity Of The Day:​ Halloween wasn’t that long ago. If your kids happen to have a Superman costume, get them dressed up again and watch a Superman movie! It’s fun to pretend to have powers, and watching movies together is always a good time! You can even play a fun game of X-Ray vision! Where you place an object in a box and describe the item to your kids. Use as much creative detail to describe the object that you can. Whoever can draw the object the best using X-Ray vision can win a fun treat!

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