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National Nachos Day Text With Image of Tortilla Chips

Episode #020: National Nachos Day

Nov 6, 2020

Episode #020: National Nachos Day

Episode Summary:

“Canned tomatoes are like summer saved all that deep sun-kissed flavor ready to be enjoyed.” –
better homes and gardens.
Hello everyone! Welcome to “The Happy Holiday Life”! Today is National
Canning Day! Preserved foods worldwide have revealed many shocking
discoveries and offered our scientists a lot of information on what canning can do
for our world and our future! Join me today on this canning adventure! The things
you’re about to hear are so hilarious, you wouldn’t believe what you’re being told
if there wasn’t proof!



  • “The girl who received the chocolates never ate them! Who does that?!?”
  • “And we were all trying to get toilet tissue in a pandemic! Butter is where it’s at!”

Show Notes:


  • The 109-year-old Food That Is Still Safe To Eat: That’s right! You read that correctly! In
    1974 scientists found preserved food that sank on a steamboat in 1865, and after
    running a few tests, they declared it was still safe to eat!
  • History Of Canning Food: The canning of food was introduced in 1803, during the
    Napoleonic Wars, after 12,000 francs was offered to whoever could produce a method to
    preserve the food for extended amounts of time by the French. What is the oldest
    preserved food out there? Let’s go find out!
  • Bog Butter! : In 2009, workers in Ireland found 77 pounds of butter from an oak barrel! It
    had been forgotten for 3000 years! That’s a long time! And the even crazier part is that
    the butter was still intact!
  • Shipwrecked Salad Dressing: in 2004, a sunken ship was found off the Greek island
    Chios. They dated this ship back to 350BCE! When they recovered the boat in 2006,
    they found a jar that contained olive oil mixed with oregano, which the older generation
    women in Greece will tell you helps preserve things longer!
  • Century-Old Chocolate: 116-year-old tin of chocolate from Scotland could be the oldest
    chocolate in the world! They were created to celebrate King Edward VII, and the girl who
    received the chocolate did not eat one! Who has the restraint?!? Instead, she passed
    them down to her daughter, who then passed them down to her daughter! Such a
    touching family heirloom!
  • Activity Of The Day: Today, you and your kids or friends have a competition on who can
    find the oldest canned good in your pantry! Gab an inexpensive candle holder, then
    attach the can and embellishments to the candle holder. There you have it! Your own
    little trophy! And you can even do this at family members’ houses as well to include them
    in on the fun! So get searching for petrified cans and have fun! lol

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