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New Friends Day Text With Friends In The Background

Episode #002: National New Friends Day

Oct 19, 2020

This Episode

Joe Bloggs

You Will Learn

  •  You will learn the four things that will help you build a friendship. Build your self-confidence.
    1. Find something you feel passionate about.

    2. Ask questions.

    3. Watch your expectations.

Resources & Links

Episode #002: National New Friends Day

“Wishing to be friends is quick work, but friendship is a slow ripening fruit.” – Aristotle

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Happy Holiday Life! Guess what today is? It is a national new friend’s day! So today we will be talking about friends, and how to make new friends. Which can be a challenging task but after tuning in and listening to some tips and tricks I give you, you will be making friends from left and right!


“Don’t sit and wait – it won’t happen. You have to actively search for new friends.”‘

“When you decide to be okay with the quirky things about yourself that make you unique, then others are okay with those things.”

“Take the time to be a friend to yourself!”

“Remember, with every person you meet, it’s another opportunity to plant a good seed.”


Show Notes


  • Build Your Self-Confidence: The first tip we start with is to be more confident in yourself because when you are insecure, or you talk down on yourself, other people can tell. So the best thing to say to yourself is that you’re the best you possible!

  • Find Something You Feel Passionate About: To be friends with others, you must first be friends with yourself. Make a list of exciting things about yourself, then go out in the world and try to find people who like the same things as you! You will be shocked at how many people there are that you can connect with. Hey, you may learn that you need to relocate to a different state or even country, but that is good. It means you are ready for a new adventure, keep your options and eyes open, and you will make new friends without even knowing it!

  • Ask Questions: When you are kind to people, others will be kind to you. Remember, it is good to be a good ear to people. Learn more about them and listen. Maybe one day, you can surprise them with all their favorite things and show them that you care, and they are appreciated. When you are conscious about your interactions with people, you will always have a friend.

  • Don’t Expect Too Much: I know this doesn’t sound good, but you have to remember certain friends are better for different situations. Have you ever had that friend that you wouldn’t take to see family, but you would take them to have fun with? That’s what I mean. Don’t be quick to judge what you think friendship needs to be, have an open mind. 

  • How Can You Make Friends Right Now? : One way to make friends is to join This allows you to meet people that like the same things as you in a more comfortable and faster way! And arrange a “Friends” meetup where each person in your group can invite someone no one else knows! And remember when you host your own get together, remember to have two of the most important things, good food, and good music!

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