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National Deviled Egg Day Text With Deviled Egg Pictures

Episode #016: National Deviled Egg Day

Nov 2, 2020

Episode #016: National Deviled Egg Day

Episode Summary:

“The Deviled Egg Day is a holiday that may not be known to everyone, but once you know it, the day needs to be marked and celebrated as much as they enjoy the deviled eggs.” – unknown.

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Happy Holiday Life! Today we will be talking about the beautiful, tasty, and delicious Deviled Eggs! Now you’re probably wondering, “why would this be a holiday?” But come on one, Americans love their weird foods, and two of these are some very delicious snacks, even the pickiest of eaters will try! So if you are ready to learn the history of deviled eggs and learn why they are so yummy and loved, then hop right in and let’s take a ride



  • “The roots of modern-day deviled eggs can be traced back to ancient Rome, where eggs were boiled, seasoned with spicy sauces and then typically served at the beginning of a meal—as a first course known as gustatio—for wealthy patricians.” 
  • “Why in the world is this a holiday?!?” I know, but this is exactly the reason I have this podcast for all the randomness in the world! If you didn’t know that today was National Deviled Egg Day, you would have a little less laughter in your life!” 
  • “So, grab your backyard chicken, some fresh eggs, and get ready to learn about the wonderfully devilish Deviled Egg! Stay tuned!”

Show Notes:

  • There Are 100 Ways to Prepare an Egg! :​ Marie-Antoine Careme, the first celebrity chef, was known for simplifying cooking known as haute cuisine, “the high art of french cooking” he is also known for creating the chef’s uniform with double-breasted jackets and tall chef hats! And did you know you can distinguish a chef based on their hat! Careme had an 18in tall hat! But did you also know the pleats in the hat also have a meaning!
  • What is The Meaning: ​there were precisely 100 pleats said to have been added to indicate more than a hundred ways in which a chef can cook an egg! Which is perfect for deviled eggs because there are so many easy to make one! You can add bacon, crab, sriracha, paprika, anything!
  • The Original Creator For Deviled Eggs! : ​Ancient Rome Is where the first deviled egg was born. This is where eggs were boiled, seasoned with spicy sauces, and were even typically served at the beginning of a meal for wealthy patricians.
  • Popularity Spread: ​As the dish spread throughout Italy and Europe, the food then gained its name. The term “devil” was used to label highly seasoned, broiled, or fried foods. By the 1800s, deviling became a verb to describe the process of making food
    spicy! But in some parts, the egg hor’s d ‘oeuvres are referred to as “mimosa eggs,” “stuffed eggs,” “dressed eggs,” or “salad eggs,” especially when served at church functions!
  • Activity Of The Day: ​Today, go out to your local grocery store and grab a tray of deviled eggs! But in case you’re having a bit of difficulty finding the wonderfully creamy poultry appetizer, go to my website and click on the link in my show notes for a list of excellent Deviled Egg dishes today! In addition to just eating them, you can have a fun deviled egg competition to see who can eat the most in a certain amount of time! You get to eat great food and create fun memories all at the same time! Or you can even make adorable dino eggs!

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