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National Family Literacy Day Text With A Book

Episode #015: National Family Literacy Day

Nov 1, 2020

Episode #015: National Family Literacy Day

Episode Summary:

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.”—Albert Einstein.

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Happy Holiday Life! Today’s episode is dedicated to all the parents or guardians currently teaching their kids to read or have. It’s a challenging task to do, and yet the love for a child makes it all worth it! And this episode is for the people feeling unaccomplished, or like they aren’t doing a good enough job when teaching your kids how to read, it is a challenging task, and everyone knows that, so relax and listen in. This episode is for you!


  • “No matter where you start off in your learning career, you can always get better! That’s why it’s called learning!” 
  • “Had he seen the world like everyone else did, he never would have succeeded as an artist. His work would’ve looked like everyone else’s.”

Show Notes:


  •  What Can Reading Do For The Family?: Reading can build bonds by allowing that sliver of time in the day where everyone curls up and listens to another read, and it just allows everyone to be there in the moment.
  • Brief History: November 1st, 1994 was when this day came to be, and this holiday was made to help break the cycle of the millions of Americans who are “trapped in a cycle of poverty, dependency, and undereducation” so how do you help a struggling kid gain her power if they are experiencing a reading impairment?
  • Being A Homeschooling Parent: I homeschool my three very amazing kiddos. They all have a different exceptional talent (which is normal). Still, the responsibility of educating your child is so stressful because you can’t blame anyone else when your kid is not learning anything. Teaching them how to read is not the most straightforward task. You have to teach them letters, then words, and then sentences, and this task can be exhausting for the learner and the teacher. But it all pays off because, at some point, all that information comes out in a burst of
    lightning! And it all pays off. Of course, you have to learn another skillset, but after that first one is down, it makes everyone happy and feels accomplished!
  • Success Can Happen Even If Reading Isn’t A Strong Suit! : I want to throw out there that there are many success markers in life, for example: having a happy family, being self-sufficient, being a kind person, working hard at a job, or career. Some people are brilliantly intelligent, but they are not kind! And others work hard on their jobs and careers while not having the best family life. Reading is an important part when attaining knowledge, but it does not have to be acquired by a certain age!
  • Why I Mention Success: When parents see that their child is struggling to read, sometimes this makes you feel like you are doing something wrong, and if you do not think that, other thoughts bombard your mind. But what I want you to know is that there are plenty of famous people who have done great things despite their struggles in reading. Also, several different children can get the information they need besides having to read.
  • Well-Known People Who Are Successful Even Though They Have Learning Difficulties: Anderson Cooper is our first person on this list. He is an Emmy Award-winning journalist, but he never thought he would get to where he is now because of his reading struggles. He only got hope when his parents enrolled him in a specialized reading program that his reading improved. Picasso is the second man on our list, he had such a hard time reading he was labeled “reading blind” by his school when he was young, but this different viewpoint gave him a unique perspective on the world to create his famous art. Lastly, Albert Einstein! His teachers said that “nothing would become of the boy,” but luckily, no one brought him down clearly because he became known as a genius!
  • Reminder:​ Reading is a skill that you have to practice daily, and remember, don’t focus on the outcome of each practice session. Focus on getting to hear your child’s voice as they read! Just have patience!
  • The activity of The Day: Take the time to read together today while eating popcorn! And, when you’re reading, read something that is just silly, so you and your kids can laugh.

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