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National Magic Day Text With Image of Magicians Book of Secrets

Episode #014: National Magic Day

Oct 31, 2020

Episode #014: National Magic Day

Episode Summary:

J.K. Rowling “It is important to remember that we all have magic inside us.” Hello everyone, and welcome to The Happy Holiday Life! Today to celebrate Halloween, we will be talking about the national magic day! The day where all the magic can come to life and everyone can be their true selves. Today we will be walking through the history of magic and the wonders it brings this world.


  • “Dedi had done other effects, such as decapitating a bird, then reattaching the head to resurrect it.” 
  • “Making a headless bird walk back to its head and magically have it pop back on the bird’s body is pretty amazing to me!” 
  • “Monks train their fingers to be strong enough to balance their whole bodies on the tips of two fingers. Not two hands, but two fingers! They train by punching their fingers into tree trunks to make their fingers as strong as iron.” 
  • “he chose to perform the trick to demonstrate what the world would be like in the absence of liberty and freedom.”

Show Notes:


  • Where Did Magic Begin? : ​magic originated in 2700 BC by a man named Dedi. He is the first person to do a magic trick, which was the trick with the three cups and one ball that mysteriously went to each cup. This is an illusion, but he also decapitated a bird and then put the head back on the bird resurrecting it! Wow, now that’s magic. 
  • Who Is David Copperfield? ​: David Copperfield is one of the most famous magicians of all time. He has levitated the Grand Canyon, Walked through the Great Wall of China, but his most famous illusion was in 1983, where he made the Statue of Liberty vanish! “He wanted to demonstrate what the world would be like in the absence of liberty and freedom.” 
  • Supernatural Humans! : ​Supernatural is not always illusions. For example, Shaolin Monks use their fingertips to attain superhero strength! They train themselves to be able
    to have just two fingers hold up their entire body! And the way they do this is by punching trees with their fingers! Sounds so painful yet also so amazing! 
  • Belief and Non-Belief? What Is Real? :​ So many people can’t decide if they believe in magic or don’t, but the CIA has shed some light on this subject by showing you a declassified project of someone doing an astral project. This is real proof of “supernatural” or “magic” and shows people can attain it.
  • ​Local Master Martial Artist: ​In my city, there is a man named Myung Chil Kim who has a book called “Chi Gong: Medicine From God” which talks about the tales of supernatural feats, like ancient masters running the cross country over thousands of miles in a week, and other magical instances! Magic is all around us!
  • Activity Of The Day: ​Take some time to watch a magic documentary, one that interests me is “An Honest Liar,” but there are so many to pick from, so have fun!

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