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An Image of The Statue of Liberty

Episode #011: National Statue of Liberty Dedication Day

Oct 28, 2020

This Episode

Gabrielle Muonelo

You Will Learn

  •  Today learn about Lady Liberty and understand why she inspires people all over the

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Episode #011: National Statue of Liberty Dedication Day

Episode Summary:

“What was moving, I think, was the fact that the statue is a woman and not a heroic, manly figure. So for all her scale and immensity, there’s something soft about the Statue of Liberty,something tender about her. – Derek Walcot t”

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Happy Holiday Life! It’s Gabby, and today we will be talking about a symbol of freedom and peace. Today we will be talking about the one and only Lady Liberty! She welcomes all to the United States with the hope of freedom, justice and equality. She has stood tall through many tumultuous years, and even now during times of both peaceful protests and social injustices, she beckons all to stay true to the hope of freedom from inequality. So today, we respect her by recounting a brief synopsis of her history and telling a few little known facts about her!



“And although it could be a turn off for some, leading the world to freedom requires Big
shoes and a strong foot insole. It’s estimated that she wears a size 879 shoe!”

“Although her creators intended for her to be a peaceful, yet powerful, symbol she is not
afraid to stand up and fight for freedom.”

“Today learn about Lady Liberty and understand why she inspires people all over the world.”

Show Notes:

● Audio: Hello everyone! First, I would like to inform you that I live in the mid-western United States and am in the middle of an ice storm. I have no electricity while recording this but am still dedicated to the holiday life! Lol Please enjoy the episode and forgive slight audio inadequacies!
● Other Famous Statues: Lady Liberty stands proud among her statue relatives like the Statue of Unity in India, The David Statue in Italy, and The Little Mermaid Statue in Denmark!
● Facts About Lady Liberty: She is a pretty popular gal with around 3.5 million people visiting here each year! And I bet you didn’t know her real name is “Lady Enlightening the World” wow, that’s a long one!
● Her Creators: Edouard de Laboulaye and Auguste Bartholdi created her in 1886 to
make her 134 years old! Wow, isn’t that a long life!
● Her Adventures: When she first came to America, she was a brightly colored brown, but when living by the sea, that tends to change you, so now she is a sea-green! And you know, when leading the world to freedom, you have to have some pretty big shoes to get you there, and she sure does at a whopping size 879 shoe! And you know being alive for that long, you are bound to see some danger in your life, and she sure has. She is hit by
lightning an average of 600 times a year! Wow, talk about handling anything!
● Why Was She Built: This beautiful lady was “built as a gift from France, so they could commemorate the perseverance of freedom and democracy in the U.S. to honor the word of the late president Abraham Lincoln.” She was also made to inspire hope to the French people to create their own democracy!
● People Trying To Steal Her Shine: Thomas Edison said that they should have put gramophone in her to speak, luckily they said no, that would have been scary!
● The activity of The Day: Today, I have three for you.
1. Watch a documentary
2. Give a gift to a coworker.
3. Find something to be dedicated to and do it.

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