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Today is International Ninja Day!!!! And honestly guys what kind of better holiday can there be???? Ninjas are cool, stealthy, and super secretive! Can you get 3 or more of these trivia questions correct and claim yourself a ninja in training? 

0:44 History Question: When did the last ninja die?

2:11 Movie Question: What movie introduced the term “ninja” into American society?

4:34 Pop Trivia Question: In the children’s cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, what is the name of the ninja turtles rat master?

5:49 Celebrity Quote: What famous author said this quote? “Accidentally consumed five biscuits when I wasn't paying attention. Those biscuits are wily fellows – they leap in like sugary ninjas.”

7:08 True/False: Females were not allowed to be ninjas.

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